Santiago Family

Madre: Yolanda Acosta

Padre: Jesús Santiago

Hijo: Jesús Santiago

Esposa: Azucena Cruz 

Mexican Barbecue



The origin of the word "barbecue" will always be a matter of discussion, although it seems more accurate, according to Hispanists, to be a loan from the indigenous languages ​​of America, since the most accepted origin would come from the Caribbean voice "Barabicu". A Mayan origin has also been proposed: Baalbak'Kaab "meat covered with earth". Both the Caribs and the Mayans were peoples in contact with the Europeans, prior to their arrival in central Mexico.







How to prepare a good Mexican barbecue, according to the Santiago?

We talk about a good lamb barbecue. It is made in a floor lined with volcanic stone, (the stone of censers or molcajetes) and tabicón (thick brick), pieces of mesquite wood are placed (the smell of mesquite is basic, any other firewood breaks the quality of the tradition ) and inside the oven and on wood logs porous volcanic stones are placed, to save the heat better in the oven, once the stones are red hot, the remains of the logs are extracted, which we know as , with a metallic nail. Afterwards, it is given a

to introduce, under the barbecue, a saucepan with water, rice, chickpea, of lamb, the , which consists of different herbs of smell. Later a grid of is placed and the stones are covered with , which are pieces of the maguey stalk, to generate steam, on the the cuts of the lamb are placed, and a so that the heat . Later it is covered with the maguey leaves, to keep the heat, and it is covered with canvas and earth, to keep, now, the steam, an essential ingredient for six hours. The Santiago family has, at least, from their own records, (which could undoubtedly go until the 19th century) selling barbecue, at least, since 1930. We honor four generations of :


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