Mafla Family

Riosucio, Caldas

Fernando Antonio Mafla Trejos (Director)

Jairo Fernando Mafla Gonzalez

Marino Noreña

Carlos Arturo Mafla Trejos

Leonel Mafla Taborda

Roberto Mafla Taborda

Aleider Taborda

David Quintero

Javier Hoyos

Germán Antonio Mafla

Hector Guapacha

Yonier Ospina.

The music in Riosucio is part of daily life, it is normal to be a musician or teacher of the word, after all they will be the same. The mountains inspire in the midst of the mix of cultures that gave birth to the Carnival. A party that they accompany with the sound of the chirimías and other airs in coexistence with the Devil, guardian of the celebration, symbol of joy. The Mafla Brothers are part of that cultural structure that their great-grandparents founded for 109 years, continues for good fortune, lives, persists for the new generations. 

Riosucio Caldas is a town recognized for its musical heritage and its cultural tradition.

Initially it was called Municipal Band. When the director Alfonso Morales dies, Toño Mafla takes the baton with his brothers Arturo, Tino, Leonel and Fernando the grandson of Arturo, who is currently the director. Created by his great-grandparents, it is perhaps the oldest village band in the country.

The Band of the Mafla, name that the people gave them, has been for generations responsible for accompanying the cultural events and religious festivals of the people, 109 years of existence that denote not only experience, but love and passion for popular music. Always present in the processions of Holy Week and every night of the novena of the feasts of the Virgen de la Candelaria. They used to animate the toilets in the parks after the 7 o'clock mass and, of course, they are protagonists in the parades of the festival that takes place every two years in the town and that is Colombia's oral and intangible cultural heritage: The Carnival of Riosucio, the main manifestation of the Riosuceña tradition.   

By: SARA M. PATIÑO. Audiovisual Realizer -SIITNE-

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