Tascón Family

Jaibaná. Embera Chamí 

Father: Bernardo Tascón Tamaní

Son: Arnulfo Tascón Tamaní

Traditional Medical Embera Chami
Indigenous Reservation: Marcelino Tascón. Valparaíso, Antioquia.


Te jaibaná, who yesterday was the cacique, today the wisdom has given him a halo of old man, of tonguero or curandero of the Embera Chamí indigenous people. This is how Bernardo Tascón Tamaní is known, who has in his hands and in his soul a knowledge that came from the ancestors, which will undoubtedly be inherited by his son Arnulfo Tascón who does not understand that a computer can be more intelligent , or a missile, that the Indian in his jungle. Nor does he want to know that the paths of humanity are led by those who have the most physical strength or have the most money when he, with a bow, a bow, a blowgun, a clever hunting trap, is able to tame his haughty surroundings.




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