Zapata Bedoya Family

Padre: Emiliano Zapata

Madre: Maria Elvia Bedoya

Hijo: Fredy Zapata Bedoya

Hijo Alejandro Zapata Osorio

Esposa: Martha Patricia Osorio

Mr. Emiliano Zapata: -The first time I rode a goat, I swore that I would never get out of it. It was because I was caught by those festive colors and by each advance of the wagon, the baskets and utensils seemed to me the most beautiful songs in the world. Since those days, each trail is a new story to tell my countrymen and when Fredy was great, I took him in that fabulous device and I shared my dreams and the best chiva was called The spoiled. Although I think the consensuses were us. Free for those unforgettable cobblestones!-

Getting on a goat with tires can be an outburst for any citizen alien to our Colombian culture; but for a resident of any place in this beautiful country it is quite an adventure. The chivas are emblematic manifestations of the Colombian popular culture that is why they were declared Colombian cultural heritage in 2008 and its structure is a work of art full of colors and full of typical phrases depending on the people or region that holds it. It is also known as a stairway or line bus and previously they were exclusively used for the rocky paths and the most remote areas of the urban area, but in these times, especially in December, the beloved artifacts go out to tour the cities and paint adorn the streets of the big cities while they advance with their load of songs and their drums, guacharacas and accordions.

Mr. Emiliano Zapata, a Paisa passionate about Chivas, told more or less that he only had to climb one of them in his youth to know that he would never get off. For him his "spoliled" is life and with it he has traveled more than with any friend of adventures. To be a chivero in Colombia is to be destined to rock on the roads of our land, to be anointed with people every day and to overflow with flattery when they ask her for her eternal love.

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