Morales Family

Ciudad De México

Retrato del Bibis cedido por el Maestro Carlos Contreras de Oteyza, Fotógrafo mexicano:

Adolfo Morales Trejos (Padre)

Verónica Aguilar (Hija)

The Mexican photographer Carlos Contreras de Oteyza presented "El Circo de Bibis" for the first time at the Photography Biennial of 1982, in the Federal District, where he obtained honorable mention, almost 30 years after that exhibition, his photos are still They exhibit in different spaces, El Bibis left his legacy to his son, and today his family lives in the traveling circus of KIKO, a show full of laughter, juggling, illusion and audacity. I arrived at the Circus thanks to Carlos, the photographer, who showed me his world and his legacy, the effort of a whole family - formed by the father, Adolfo Morales Trejos, the mother, Verónica Aguilar, their children, and at the same time the children of their children together with a teacher appointed by the government to educate them on their roaming - together, they develop daily fun circus numbers that are at the forefront to obtain daily sustenance, and that despite the shortcomings, their visitors attend and retire with a smile on his face.

It could be said that the circus is one of the most genuine shows that exist. This has been constituted in a mixture of acts that are mechanized through constant practice and that serve to make people forget their daily worries. Historically, the circus practices go back to the preparatory actions of the legendary warriors, who before leaving to the bloody battles carried out any kind of contortions and juggling in the style of warlike preheating; later these arts became less private and the town began to be part of a show that was filled with grace. Returning to the genuineness of the circus, it is possible that this character is due to its unifying action of the family and society, since it is a spectacle that in a too small space comes to congregate nearby beings who will witness the function that was prepared by the best friends, by the parents with their children, by the brothers.


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