Ramírez López Family

Salamanca, Guanajuato

Esposa: Maria Merced Gómez Cuevas

Padre: Ramón Ramírez López 

Ramón Ramírez Lopéz  and his family opened the doors of their house and their hearts to let me know a memorable tradition discovered up to now for me. He and his family have maintained the tradition and popularity of flaked wax with nearly 150 years in Salamanca, Guanajuato; There are already four generations of persistence in the wax trade. He told me that his grandfather from the year 1874 began to work the candles with the Augustinian parents and that designs were made for the holidays with the intention that the candles were not smooth. It was like that, the wax was acquiring figurations of traditional character and pieces of decorative candles. Cerería. Me comentó que su abuelo desde el año 1874 empezó a trabajar las velas con los padres agustinos y que se hacían diseños para las fiestas con la intención de que los cirios no fueran lisos. Fue Así como, la cera fue adquiriendo figuraciones de carácter tradicional y piezas de velas decorativas,

Ramón proudly comments: "We are now in the fifth generation, the flaked wax was worked by my great grandfather and my grandfather, my parents this server and my children and soon my grandchildren, this is an artisan heritage that we have been conserving and that has been a work that has been evolving. "

From his workshop, the candles travel all over the country, to decorate all kinds of occasions: religious pieces, the Easter candles, in May with the traditional festivities of the Virgin, after the Corpus Christi celebrations and since September, the Day of the Dead festivities and finally the holiday festivities, all year round there is work in the country and flowers to be created with wax. Each use is appropriate on family and social occasions, the products are sent by mail, even in 2010 more than 200 candles reached the other side of the world, to illuminate the Vatican. L.C.


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