Bobadilla Family

Ciudad De México

Juan Rubén Bobadilla Leal (Hermano)

Angel Alejandro Bobadilla Leal (Hermano)

Ángel, Juan Manuel and Javier Bobadilla have been leading for more than 20 years one of the most traditional burning of Judas in Mexico City: that of the Barrio del Niño Jesús, in the Tlalpan Center. The Bobadilla brothers have kept this tradition alive for the Saturday of glory in Holy Week, before the resurrection of Christ; and although his work is exhibited in several museums, such as the Popular Art Museum in Mexico, they prefer to see his pieces exhibited with the community.

The craft of cardboard in Mexico, is very tied definitely to the celebration of the burning of Judas that takes place every year at Easter. Burn Judas is a kind of revenge of men and through a symbolic act reprimand the traitor of our Catholic history. But beyond the action, there is history; Apparently this practice has its beginnings in the jokes that were made to the Holy Inquisition in the Middle Ages, when they executed those who distanced themselves from Christian doctrine. Returning to the context of the cartoner, we can say that these are responsible for making the images that feed the celebration, because not only dolls are made with the figure of the traitor Judas, but they have been incorporating demonic species.

The work of the cartoneros is highly valued, because they are the vehicle of the food of faith in Mexicans, who through fire seek to put an end to the evil that was sown from treason. In the same way, this action acts as a collective exorcism almost similar to the carnival in which human beings look out over the abyss and take distance. It is like a dangerous game, a Russian roulette from which we have to come out victorious. Thus, the cartonero has the responsibility to close himself up to polish his figures and to fill them with colors so that the art deforms figuratively with fire, but takes force in the idiosyncrasies of the Mexican people. 

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