Arias Osorio Family

San Jerónimo, Antioquia

Padre: Arturo Arias

Madre: Luz Marina Osorio

Hermana: Helena Arias

Hijo: Juan Pablo Arias Osorio

Juan Pablo remembers with nostalgia the green of the field and is still amazed by the eternal colors of the heras. Is that his father, Arturo Arias taught him on any day to decipher the forms of nature between seeds and tomatoes. Since then, in the form of praise, the whole family joined in a daily chant that does not stop on the slopes of San Jerónimo: "It is that the earth saw us being born and we did not know how to do anything other than thank you for all the flavors and colors that lavishes us with sun or rain "interrupts with sweetness, Helena as she drops a slight dew on an orange flower in her garden.



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